Designs from Nature

Bienvenue Studios is known for art books, notebooks, cards and prints in limited edition. We analyze topics from nature and culture, which we translate into a poetic and visual language. Using an originally coarse printing method, risography, we manually create our printed products with the utmost care. A lot of passion goes into it, but no chemicals. Because of this special method, each print is unique.

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Bienvenue Studios


Coming soon: our frame for limited prints. 100% Swiss Made, FSC certified.

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Quiet Water


So great to see how Bienvenue products are used in everyday life.

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Publishing House


Behind the Studios is a multicultural Graphic Design Duo: Xiaoqun Wu and Oliver Hischier.

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Bienvenue Studios

Our latest product

Finally our Iridescence Series are also available as Limited Prints.

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Work process

An insight into the working process for the development of our print series:




All our products are available at QWSTION Store Zurich. Find a reseller in your area.

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Our Printing Method

Using the Risograph, we produce high quality and precise prints. A lot of passion goes into it, but no chemicals or heat.

Printing method

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