It was exciting when we first discovered these strange constructs in a wooden box at the Entomological Collection of the ETH in Zurich. We were immediately fascinated by the variety, complexity, materiality and dimensions of these beautiful cases that resemble miniature architectural models. They were built by bagworms, members of the Psychidae family of butterflies and moths. We are impressed at how these small creatures have developed solutions perfectly adapted to their living conditions. Their houses not only protect them from the elements, but also provide camouflage from predators. There are over 1,350 species of bagworm around the world, but it takes a keen eye to spot them as they have the ability to blend in with their environment. We invite you to admire these little works of art.

Concept & Design: Bienvenue Studios
Photography: Sebastian Magnani
36 Pages, 185 × 280 mm
Risograph Print, Switzerland
Cover paper: Sirio Ultra Black 185 g/m²
Content paper: Homen Trend 2.0 70 g/m² and Daunendruck Natural 120 g/m²
Stitch Binding, white
Second Edition: 100, numbered and signed