Curiosity Cabinet is more than a picture frame, it is an open window to nature. Hung on a wall or set on a flat surface, its wide borders afford a variety of uses: posters, prints or even flat objects like dried plants can be displayed, vertically or horizontally. With two transparent panels, it can be used on both sides at the same time. Thanks to its novel system, changing the content is extremely easy and effortless.

Designed and produced in Switzerland out of ash wood from sustainably managed forests. After​ ​smoothing​ ​each edge, a protective oil has been​ ​applied. The wood displays are handmade in Zurich in cooperation with a foundation to promote the professional and social integration of people with disabilities.

Concept & Design:
Bienvenue Studios
320 × 440 × 45 mm, for prints up to A3 format
Swiss Ash wood, oiled
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Made in Switzerland